The Ultimate Help for Weddings Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

The Ultimate Help for Weddings Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

Like in most industries, The coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has brought a challenging time for wedding industry. Naturally, the overall threat that the virus poses to the public’s health is of great concern, as is the future of small businesses, wages, rent and mortgage payments, food and resources and our ability to travel.

By now, wedding season usually would have been in full swing but, as a result of the virus, many couples have been forced to postpone and even cancel their big day, with others questioning whether their upcoming nuptials later this summer will be able to go ahead as planned.

Right now, whether you’re planning a wedding at home or abroad, there are countless moving parts surrounding COVID-19 and since this situation is fluid, what it means for your wedding, specifically, really depends on your wedding date. That said, as of March 15, 2020, there is one thing we know one thing for certain: The CDC has officially recommended the cancellation of weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May. That forces many couples postpone their nuptials.

Whether you’re forced to postpone or decide to out of precaution, it’s important to remember that you do have options, and your team will be there to guide you through the process of postponing your event. If you decide to postpone until 2021, you’d better make any important decisions as soon as you can and then take a nice long planning break!

When considering the right time to officially make the call, there are a lot of variables to keep in mind. In order to make the decision that is best for you, your wedding, and the safety of all of your guests, consider taking the below steps.

First of all, speak with your entire creative team in the same swoop—your wedding planner, the venue, catering team, musicians, video and photography team, basically anyone involved in the day. The goal is to have all of your loved ones safely attend your big day so everyone can celebrate you. Try to think about changing a date as just that—picking up your wedding and simply moving it to a date that feels good for everyone involved so everyone can safely celebrate.

What’s more, you should consider your guests. Just like the availability of your venue, if your guests have made travel plans, you need to think about how much time they’ll need to make adjustments. If your guests are primarily local, you can likely make your final decision closer to three months out but says it’s important to keep in mind that invitations should really be sent at three months to allow for an RSVP deadline of eight weeks before the wedding date.

Anyway, the goal of a wedding is to celebrate the couple and their love story with their loved ones and families. We encourage couples to plan full steam ahead, to continue to be inspired and seek out inspiration, and to also share their story. Be ready for that moment and have your plans in place to have the best wedding ever!

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